Updated: January 12th, 2017


Closing Prices:
DEC. 2017 CORN $3.81
NOV. 2018 SOYBEANS $ 9.84
JULY 2018 KC WHEAT $ 4.55
Weekly Change: Corn finished down 3 for the week, Soybeans finished unchanged, and Wheat finished 11 lower for the week.. 





We need help!


Do you know of someone looking for a career working with ag producers and a passion for the markets? If so, we’d like to hear from them.  AgWest is currently looking for a few good folks that can help service the growing demands from our farming partners.  Currently we have the below openings:

For more details and to submit an application, please click on the link below.


Key January Reports


The most boring yearly markets that we have seen in a long while have been capped off by one of the most boring sets of USDA January reports we can remember. Full report data can be found at the end of this week’s commentary but here are a few highlights…








Here is how the “Ending Stocks” look compared over time…

Can We Improve?


We spend time with hundreds of ag lenders each year. Between what we hear from these lenders and from others in our industry, we estimate that only 10 to 15% of U.S. producers have a structured approach to marketing. You certainly fall into that unique group of folks and we have no doubt that the typical AgWest client (you) is marketing better than the masses. Congratulations on all the difficult marketing decisions you have made in recent years. 


Marketing better than the masses is very important during these trying times. That is an accomplishment that should be celebrated, but at the same time, realize that marketing isn’t getting any easier in this atmosphere of compressed margins. It is very important that we all work to improve each and every year. Not much has changed in our grain markets in recent years, so rather than spending a ton of time on market “what ifs,” we are dedicating half of our upcoming Outlook presentation to addressing emotions that can negatively impact a structured plan and looking at ways to improve overall plan results. No matter where you are on the marketing learning curve or how well you believe you are doing, THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. AgWest is in its 19th year and we spend 100% of our time on the project of production marketing. Even so, there isn’t a year that goes by that we don’t learn something new…something that provides another arrow in our quiver going forward. The marketing learning curve may flatten out but it never comes to an end. It is a journey rather than a destination. We look forward to our discussion on improving our marketing plans and hope that you can break away to join us at one of the 30 locations.



Have a great week!