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#1 AgWest Weekly "Alert" Commentary Email
This is a market overview with weekly commodity price changes and a short commentary, delivered each Monday afternoon via email.  (Audio option included.)

#2 Live Text Message Quotes & Report Highlights
Futures prices, USDA report updates and more can be sent to you via a text message free of charge.  Text updates may incur a charge from your service provider.
#3 Cost Analysis Calculator via Email
A full grain cost analysis calculator that will help you in determining true breakeven and cost. Excel is required in order to run the program. Several of our clients and professional contacts helped in the design of this calculator and use it regularly.

#4 RJO Opening Email Comentary
A daily morning email with an overview of the grains, including opening calls, export data, and details that are anticipated to impact that day’s market, direct from our representatives on the grain floor.    

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#1 AgWest Alert Email
#2 Text Messages (Grains Close)
#2 Text Messages (Grains 3x Daily)
#2 Text Messages (Livestock Afternoon)
#3 Cost Analysis Calculator
#4 RJO Daily Email
#2 Text Messages (Livestock 3x Daily)
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